Welcome to the food experience

Buon Appetito!

Buon Appetito!

Welcome to my food experience, a place where you can read my reviews of the local or regional restaurants, learn the “how to” of cooking it yourself and all the news and events regarding Italian food, but not limited to.

Being an American, I was brought up eating so many different kinds of food, from Mexican to Chinese. Since my arrival to “La Bella Italia” finding place where to eat something different than Italian has been at times a “mission impossible.”  Here, the reason for this new page of my blog.

I will start searching for those “foreign food” places from Spanish to Chinese, to Mexican, American, Irish, German, etc. restaurants/pubs. Trust it won’t be an easy task at all, as Italians are not very open to these experiences, being that they have one of the most important cuisines of the world. From my 20 year living experience in this country, only the younger generations seem to be open to the world of food. None-the-less there are always exceptions to the rule.

So join me, for the taste test! I will try to give you the heads up of where to go and what to try, after living here for 20 years or so, the least I can do is to help my foreign friends avoid the common tourist traps and provide them with the best advice possible.

Start by reading two of my local restaurant reviews, maybe have a nice glass of red wine while doing it and maybe you can take on the taste test and let me know! Until then enjoy and “buon appetito!”


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