About “LivinItalian”

Altare della patria - Altar of the Fatherland

Vista dall’Altare della patria – View from the Altar of the Fatherland

I’ve always enjoyed writing, I like it, it has a sort of therapeutic effect on me but most of all it makes me feel alive. Choosing what to write about wasn’t easy at all, too many choices, too many interests, too many things. So I decided to start with a test run on a topic close to me, Italy. I’m an Italian-American, more American than Italian considering that I lived my most formative years in the States, where I also got my entire education.
Italy is a country like no other, a place of culture, of traditions, of food (who doesn’t like Italian food?), wine (oh the wine) and just so much more. Everyone dreams of an Italian vacation in their lifetime, but for those of us who have chosen to live here, maybe blinded by the “dolce vita”, did not expect to find a country where sometimes even the smallest thing, becomes the most complicated.
The differences between the twenty regions are sometimes staggering, almost as if they weren’t located within the same country and let us not even try to explain the cultural differences between the North and the South, a never-ending divide created by the political establishment focused on one thing and one thing alone, getting rich at a very high cost for its people. Just think, Italy ranked 72 on the CPI (Corruption Perception index in 2012)comparing to its neighboring countries like Spain (ranked 30) or Switzerland (ranked 6th) Germany (ranked 13th) or France (ranked 22).
It is incredible to think that Italy holds 60% of the world’s cultural heritage and sites like Pompeii are crumbling down because of the carelessness of it governing class. A country where every street, every house, every stepping stone holds centuries of history, reduced to a third class nation for the selfishness of those who have governed in the past decades.
In deciding thus what to write about I went with talking, telling you stories, showing you, providing you with Italian experiences, but not the ones you read of in magazines, or travel articles in newspapers where everything seems like a dream, or just a beautiful painting. I wanted to give you the possibility to see and live through the lives of those who actually live here and who can’t just survive on beauty alone. My wish was and is to make you walk in our footsteps, to show you what being Italian really means.
That is how “livinitalian” was born. A way to share my living Italian at 360 degrees with all of you and maybe while doing it, enjoying a great glass of red wine. Come on then, follow my stories and go beyond the plasticity of a photograph and see what “livinitalian” is all about.



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