Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute



A view from Sorrento's main squareI’ve never worked an entire day on my blog. I think that being locked in my kid’s room for the entire day had its positive effects. I am now catching up with my 16th assignment of the Zero to Hero WordPress Challenge, isn’t that grand?

What to do, what to do?

I must write a response to today’s daily prompt. Not an easy one at all.

Do I have a reputation?

I really do not know, I never really thought about it. I am sure people who know me have an idea of what kind of person I am but I’ve never really asked. I believe that a person’s reputation is in the minds of others, whether it be a positive or negative one.  Plus, why should reputation thought by others, be considered an element that should define me?

My actions create a reputation?

Not sure about that either. I think that who I am and how I am perceived by others creates it. I know that each one of us comes across in so many ways, it really only depends on how people get you. Isn’t it so?

How can we explain otherwise that we might be funny to some and unbearable to others. Italians would say “simpatico” or “antipatico” no real translation in English for those words. We could say “nice” or “not nice.”  The same person is seen through a kaleidoscope, with many faces or cuts or colors. Or maybe like a diamond. Not sure.

I guess everyone has a reputation, that would include me as well.

Maybe mine is a mixed one.

I’m tempered and I become very volcanic (as I do live at the feet of the Vesuvius) when I feel that something or someone isn’t being humane, or isn’t being just, or is doing something which I see as unfair for others or for my self. Abuse of power really makes me go off, no play on words here, the Vesuvius is very calm and tranquil.

I must have one but I really do not know what it is and I am not sure I would like to know. I do not want it to affect me in any way. Wouldn’t it affect you? I live my life trying to do the best I can and I am aware that my best, might actually not even be close to the best, but hey I am trying here just like so many out there.

Where did my reputation come from? Well it came from me and my actions and the way they were perceived by those around me. Which doesn’t really say much. Isn’t that what we call judgement? If not, they sure look-alike don’t they? I really don’t think much about it, sure I would like for people to give me a good reputation because I feel I’m good, but I know I can’t please everyone, starting from my self. So a reputation is given to you by others. How you come across has a very big impact on everything you do. They shouldn’t be so important though!

I say, reputations are good as far as buying a product or eating at a restaurant or booking a vacation somewhere. As far as people are concerned I think we should just leave it out and just get to know people for who they are and not for the reputation other people give them. Make up your own mind and if you really must help out someone with his/her reputation I would say help yourself and be nicer to people, start by you doing your best and set an example for a good reputation. Maybe others will follow. Not sure but it is worth the try, isn’t it?





13 responses to “Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

  1. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see”….Leaving judgement out and getting to know people sounds like a nice idea….I think we all can benefit from this…

  2. I was always brought up with the saying never judge a book by its cover, i try my hardest to look at everyone with an open mind, i feel reputations often obscure our view of other people, which is a real shame.

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