Be a good neighbor

Good neighbor cappuccino

Oh my, oh my how time flies! Ten days since I posted last, where has time flown?

Unfortunately we must have day jobs here, we just can’t sit in front of the screen all day, even if we wanted to. Today  I’m trying really hard to catch up with my assignments 11/12 on the Zero to Hero WordPress challenge and they required leaving comments on new blogs and at the same time using one of those comments for a post. So here I am to do exactly that.

This morning I’m stuck in my kid’s room as we’re having some unexpected house work done. While at school on Tuesday, half of our kitchen ceiling fell down and we were just blessed not to be sitting down for a meal, or my daughter and I would be in a hospital or much worse. If you do not live here in the boot, you should know that houses in Italy are built-in concrete, so when something like that happens, there is dust everywhere, without taking into consideration the drilling, the banging and all the dust coming into my kid’s room, the only safe-haven left in the house.

So to be a good neighbor today I started in the midst of it all, looking around for something new that caught my eye. As I was searching I kept on receiving new posts on my reader and wondering where did my fellow bloggers find the time to be so productive while I have the hardest time to find even five minutes to sit down at my laptop.

I mean really, taking part in the Zero to Hero WordPress challenge has been and keeps on being a real task, but it keeps me on coming back. I want to do it!


I opened my browser and started looking around the Freshly Pressed blogs, a club I haven’t yet joined but hoping one day to become a happy member, when suddenly I fell upon Connor Griffin’s post titled ” Where Does the Time Go?”

It was incredible, I found a post with my same question and I decided to click it.  Connor was writing exactly about what I thought or in other words our inquiring minds wanted to know where our fellow bloggers found the time to be writing so much.

I follow a few blogs now and some bloggers post every day, others every other day and I’m so jealous!

I am! I’m jealous!

I want to do it too, but I just can’t!

I must have a day job right?

I have a family to sustain and kids to put through school and I just don’t have enough time in a day to keep on writing as I like.

There are days where I’m just too tired, does it sound familiar to anyone? Is anyone out there in the same situation? Is it called “parenting”?


Some times I have ideas on a post, but by the time I get to the keyboard I’m so tired that I  can’t find the time or the will to write.

Or the words just seem to have left.

Believe it or not, I’m in a dust cloud at the moment, my allergies are killing me, but I’m not leaving this keyboard until I finish my post.

Looking around I found that many fellow bloggers write about the same things I do. It seems like we all lack enough hours in a day to do what we love. Connor writes “Holy crap, people! It’s been over a week since I’ve been able to post! That’s not to say that I haven’t had stuff to talk about.” Yeah! we have a ton to talk about, “… but alas my crazy schedule keeps getting in the way!”

Connor hit it right on.

Our crazy schedules which at times seem to work against us, almost to test us, to see how dedicated we are to our craft. Like now, I feel like I’m in Arizona in the middle of a sand storm, yet I’m only stuck in my kid’s room! All to try to catch up with my Zero to Hero assignments.

It really wasn’t my intention, but the next blog I found also hit home with Jennifer Lynn Krohn’s post titled “Days Without Writing.” Yet another fellow blogger with the same question, but with the an extra question.  Are we to consider ourselves writers if we don’t write everyday? Or if we don’t get paid for what we write? What about if our articles don’t get published in a magazine, newspaper, etc.? Are we still writers then?

Forgive my clichè, but I had to leave my two cents worth.  What makes me a writer is not how much I write, or how many posts I put out there, but the love for the craft, the want or will  to write and more than anything the feeling that I get when I do write. I write to share what I see and feel on my life journey. I write so to not only open my mind but to help others open mine.  A different point of view, different colors, different sites. I write to pass on the feelings, the emotions, because if only one person out there connects with them, I will have achieved my goal.

Yes I would love to become a professional writer and yes it would be like hitting oil, but how to do it? The million dollar question, right? Books, stories, fiction, non-fiction, news, food reviews, I like it all.

I grew bilingual and sometimes I just feel I don’t speak either language well.

The thing is that with a mother who is an award-winning poet and a “who’s who poet,” and a published writer, how could I not love writing, right?

I want to write and I love to write, but I love being a teacher as well. My students are very important for me and working with them keeps me dreaming and wanting more. Maybe learning to be a good neighbor might one day open up a door, the one I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Until then, happy posting to all and many thanks to Connor Griffin and Jennifer Lynn Krohn for their great posts and my inspiration today! Assignment 11 and 12 completed. Four more yet to go!



Wanna-Be Writer

Days Without Writing

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6 responses to “Be a good neighbor

  1. Thanks once again for the mention! I can’t even imagine what it would be like throwing parenting into the mix as well! There is a fine balance between between a writer and being a productive member of society. That balance is something that we will chase for the rest of our lives.


    • Absolutely! Finding that balance will be part of this journey and blogging gives us the possibility of meeting so many like minded individuals all around the globe and it opens up so many windows on so many worlds. I just love it! Thanks and keep up the great work for you give inspiration to many people out there!

  2. So glad to see you writing again – I was missing my fix! I really enjoy reading what you have to say – sorry to hear about the ceiling. Hope it will be fixed soon – but knowing the Italian workmen, I doubt it.
    As for finding time to write – I have the opposite problem. I used to have very little time – commuting to London weekdays and doing self employed work at weekends. Had no time to myself. Now I have no full time work and self employed dwindling so have so much time I just don’t know what to do with myself. You are lucky to have a dream, I have the time to follow one but just don’t know what it is. What is worse – having a dream with no time to follow it or not having one? I know what I would prefer. I have the time to write a book but not the ability to write. Oh well…. who said life is easy?

    • You should still try to write the book. Have you been to a book store lately? There is so much stuff being published now days and some of it isn’t worth the paper they are printed on. So go on write your book…I want to be one of the first to read it. Start with a chapter and then see from there.
      Thank you for the support, it is nice and I need it. It gives me the strength to continue on and it allows me to meet so many new friends 🙂 Also I believe it is better to have a dream and not have time to follow it, because dreaming is essential for living. Without dreams how could we go on living every day with what life throws at us, don’t you think?

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