“…and we just stop at but.”



Finding yourself three assignments behind happens in the blink of an eye.  Between going to school and  kids  running you over with things to do while trying to re-adapt to back to school mode, finding time for my writing is always a mission. Sometimes impossible.

 I’m here though, trying to keep my promise to my self and to you, a promise hard to keep because once your daily life kicks in, it all becomes so much harder.

 Anyway, assignment six asked us to write a post with a new element.  So far I’ve used photos and oh yes,  even a video in one of my last posts. Videos are still kind of new elements for me, so yes, I’m going to go ahead and embed this post with a couple of videos I found on Facebook, posted by one of my greatest ex-students.  It was so strange, I was looking around for ideas, for inspiration really, to complete my task and out of nowhere this video popped up on my Facebook page.

Dream, a motivational video put together by Mateusz M, a you tuber who focuses on creating motivational videos. A person who is trying to make the world a better place by inspiring us. Isn’t that great? A person who tries to give the rest of us the motivation to excel, to be better than what we are now and yet accomplish his dream, his mission. Loved it. You should check his channel out, I really liked it and it was the inspiration for this post. The inspiration for more to come. But I couldn’t start with “Dream”, I had to start off with the “Awakening” because it is the one that explains how I got here, on this blog, on this page to write these words.

I had stopped at but. You know what? I still do! Many times over. I do not want to stop there any more, but I can’t say it will be an easy task to accomplish. It requires constant work, constant energy, you need positive vibes, positive people and hey, they are hard to come by nowadays.  People just put you down with negativity.  So let me show you these videos, they tell you my story incredibly enough, they almost seemed made for me.

My blog is the means through which I am trying to find my self and through which I am wanting to achieve my dream.

After the “Awakening” comes the “Dream.”

I hope you will help me to never again “…just stop at but.”



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