Braceria Bifulco local restaurant review

“Simply Outstanding!”

Reviewed January 5, 2014
With this review, I’m going to start to add a food section to my blog. I’m not a food expert, but I do love going out for lunch or dinners with family and seeking out great restaurants. So here is my first post on local restaurants.

I’m writing this review mostly for my foreign friends living in the Naples area. We decided on a Sunday before Christmas to eat out before going to visit Christmas Alley in Naples and the closest restaurant to us was the “Braceria Bifulco” as we live here in Ottaviano. Every day on my way back from school I saw their big poster-board advert on the way off the free-way and I kept on saying: “I must try it” and so we did.
Arrived without a reservation (I advice everyone taking a trip out here to reserve a table, the restaurant is small) and actually the first people in. A small restaurant, but so cosy. We were welcomed in and showed a table for four, two adults and two children. I must say the staff was just fantastic, I must really emphasize that, not all Italian restaurants have the service that we are used to back in the States and that in itself, makes it already a great experience. You are a special and not just a customer. The waiters assist you in every choice you make and whatever you ask for is there within seconds. I was very happy with the service all the way until the end. As for the food, well I can only compliment the Chef as the food was absolutely delicious and portions were just right. Sometimes you go to restaurants which charge an arm and a leg for a dish which wouldn’t even satisfy a 2 year old. Yet, at the” Braceria” all portions are just perfect and you don’t leave hungry, actually quite the opposite.
The meat which is their specialty is just (forgive me) “yummy”.
We didn’t have a full traditional Italian course meal, as our time was a bit tight, but we enjoyed a portion of delicious bite size meatballs, served with a special sauce. Fresh warm slices of bread and bread-sticks accompanied us for the entire meal and the quality of the bread was just outstanding. So hard to resist eating it all.
Our meal followed up with a main pasta dish, a simple dish of gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce for the daughter (so picky, but yet happy with what she ate) and for the rest of us, a nice dish of “scialatelli” with eggplant or for my Brit friends “aubergine” and fresh tomato sauce made with quality Neapolitan “piennolo” cherry tomatoes. Now I am not an expert, but let me tell you, the sauce was naturally sweet and so light, my taste buds were having a celebration.


We then had some meat, I mean how can you go to the “braceria” which in Italian basically means a place were food is grilled and not have grilled meat. We had a “tagliata” with a fresh baked potato and my daughter had a “Chianina” “high quality Tuscan meat” hamburger and fries. Kids always love fries, but fresh cut ones are just great. Everything was just great and very tasty.


Last but not least, dessert and coffee. Tiramisu, a classic Italian dessert in a cup, it was a “semifreddo” meaning it was a mixture between cake and ice cream. The girls loved it. Me on the other hand has a sort of pear, nuts, chocolate cheesecake, the flavors mixed really well, just a wonderful dessert.

A great way to end the meal and rush off to Christmas alley in Naples and burn it off!
In conclusion, the value of it all was well worth it. For four people I paid €90. I think it was a great balance between quality and price. I left very happy and pleased. I will return for another try and update you on the experience, but I am hoping to just confirm it. Check back with me to see how it goes.
What else can I say, except take a chance and try it out, you won’t leave disappointed and you’ll surely want to return just as I will. Let me know what you think.
Buon appetito!

Braceria Bifulco
Via Lavinaio, 8, 80044 Ottaviano, Italy


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