What is wrong with me?


     After my first post on January 1st of this year, I’ve had the hardest time getting back to my blog. I wish I had writing time every day or every week,  but work, my kids (who constantly occupy the only working pc in the house playing Minecraft hours on end) and the complete lack of peaceful time, kinds of drains me out.

     I had so many things I wanted to do this year but somehow “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” as on old commercial back in States stated. Writing for me is an outlet, but I need time to think, time to act on what I want to share with you all. I need time to read it over, to choose a photo, a title, come on I need what I can’t seem to find at all, me time. Always running to and from school, there are days I spend 12 to 14 hours in school, between lessons in the morning, meetings in the afternoons, sometimes I think I should just sleep there at least I would save some gas considering the costs here in Southern Italy, up to 1,85€ per liter.

     Then once you get home it is a whole new work day, between the kids who want, need and deserve time with their dad and the wife who has a whole day to share, I’m mentally drained and even though I would like to sit at the computer when all of them go to bed, I find that I want to go to bed as well.  Multiply this situation week in and week out, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. It’s April 3rd today, amazingly three months later, how I managed a morning alone at home is a mystery but finally some time to write.  In an hour or so it will all begin once more, just like an adventure, this day will start by picking up the kids at school with the wife and driving to Naples to the Children’s Hospital for the fifth millionth time in 11 years for yet again, another check for my son. Appointment at 4pm but as culture wants it, it isn’t the time you’re given to be important for you to manage to see the doctor, but who shows up first. Which begs the question:  why don’t they just tell everyone to show up at the same time? No, instead they give every one fake times and yet everyone rushes to get there by 2pm, like a race against time to see who wins it. Let

Amazingly enough, my electricity just went out plunging me into deep despair, did I lose everything? But WordPress amazingly saves as you write and I’m back on the keyboard trying to finish up my post before the wife returns and starts asking me what to do, what time are we leaving, did I get the sandwiches ready, what did I make, so on, so on. The story never ends, does it? Or maybe it will as I age and my kids do to and I’ll find myself “home alone” to do more with my “me time”. Will I miss these moments, where it seems I am stealing from someone? Where writing a post on my blog seems like a “mission impossible”? Maybe I will, but for now, rest assured that I will keep on trying to come back to share as blogging is something that I truly enjoy and one of the things I do not want to give up. AT ALL!
It’s noon now and so many thoughts are running through my head at the moment, like how long will our afternoon at hospital be? Will we find a parking spot right away or will I have to circle the hospital, like a seagull a harbor? Not sure. Plus, as I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m an ESL teacher and this year I organized for my students a cultural exchange with a Greek Lyceum and on the 15th of April I’ll be taking my students to Greece for the second part of the exchange and I have so much to do, paperwork wise, red tape never ends here. Trust me getting 16 high school students organized for a week trip to another country, even if within the EU, is not an easy task at all, actually it can be quite daunting at times. Nevertheless an amazing experience for all parties concerned. Will try to keep you all posted on it, maybe I’ll write something about the first part of the exchange and share with you all our past week here in Naples with our Greek Exchange counter parts. Until then remember I’m not dead or have been abducted by aliens, well maybe by my kids (very little difference don’t you think?), but I keep on trying to find the time for you, for us.
Against all adversities, me.


2 responses to “What is wrong with me?

  1. I hope you find the time to blog, I enjoy reading your articles.. It was your August post about ‘Italian shame – Hiring and firing of sub teachers’ that set me off blogging in the first place.

    All the best Pecora Nera

    • Thank you my friend, what an honor to think that I was the inspiration to you deciding to blog. I wish I could post more often you know, I love it, thing is that time is my enemy. Plus I need to get me a new laptop, my old one is at the end of its road and I can’t be fighting with my kids for PC time…I never thought I would have to do that in my life. Anyway, I love your work as well. Just so you know I read your article about the license adventure to my students in class last week, I couldn’t stop laughing, I love your Brit humor! We must meet one day! Ciao for now!

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