Where have you been?

I’ve wanted to write for weeks, but every time I was about to sit down and start writing something or someone would deviate my path. In school now, waiting for my fifth bell to start and in the teacher’s lounge. So I thought why not post something on my blog? Why not use these moments, so-called “buchi” in the Italian teacher’s lingo, literally “holes” and do not get any strange ideas, all they are is a waste of time, meaning that the colleagues who work, organize, plan and get paid to make all of our timetables, wasn’t able to fit in all the hours on a particular day, thus creating literally holes in your schedule.
So what do you do in Italian schools when you have “buchi”? Well that is up to each single teacher, some, if blessed by a bar nearby take time for a coffee break by oneself or maybe with other colleagues who are in your same situation; others, like myself decide to stay in the teacher’s lounge and correct tests, write posts on their blog, or prepare lesson plans for our coming weeks and months.
Just inconvenient, that’s what they are, but nonetheless when you work in three different school, and co-teach with 7 different colleagues, with 7 different timetables, plus three bells where you teach alone, you are bound to have holes.
So here I am. Why not take advantage of these holes to start blogging again?
You should know that Italy now, like many other European countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal are having probably the most difficult economic crisis in history and just out from a transnational European strike, all I can see is that no matter how difficult our economic crisis is, nothing changes and I fear that tomorrow will be even darker than today.
As a father and as the one that brings home the bacon, I fear that if things keep on going this way I might not be able to provide anymore…what will I do then?

Bell just rang, going to class!


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