Legend of the Starfish

Just a fantastic poem!


Once upon a time,

A tear from a maiden’s eye

Caught the shine

Of her guardian star

High above her castle.

The star

So overcome with grief

At the maiden’s sadness

Began to fade

And fell slowly

To earth.

It landed on a silky beach

Carpeted with shells

And sea creatures

And knew not what to do.

From the castle,

The maiden traced its path

As it drew a white line

Across her innocent face.

What the star

Did not know

Was that the tears

Were actually of joy,

Watery notes of a

Precious love song

Sung by a devoted lover

Under a moonlit sky.

With no way to return

To a midnight home

The star despaired

Of ever finding a more

Worthy reason to shine,

Until one of the spindly sea creatures

Came up with an idea.

“You can become one of us,”

It said, a curious smile


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