On Being BiPolar


It started out as any other day.  I got in my car and headed off to run an errand.  A few short seconds later, my steering went out and I found myself face to face with a fire hydrant, my car totaled.  Luckily for me, or so I thought, I had minor injuries, two concussions (head and eye) and a feeling of being out of it.  The last thing I remember is being placed in an ambulance.  Then it all went black.


A short time later, something else was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was.  I wound up back in the hospital and suddenly, or so I was told, I had a psychotic break and discovered, much to my surprise that I was now diagnosed as being BiPolar (due to a chemical imbalance I suffered as a result of the shaking up of my brain).  I had…

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