Don’t Get Me Started :-) -Irksome Irks


Don’t get me started!  (Or Irksome things that drive people nuts!)

I get migraines-and when they come, they come in clusters.  There’s just one immediate problem:  I can’t open the migraine medicine package.

I cut my hand on the stiff plastic package holding a new pair of scissors.

I went to the grocery store early to get in and get out.  The credit card scanner broke and it took 30 minutes to fix it and I couldn’t move to another aisle…oh, and I was forced to buy a pack of gum I didn’t want to make the transaction go through.

I insist my newspaper be put on my porch.  So, instead of just throwing it on my driveway, the delivery person threw it right through my glass door.

Why don’t car manufacturers cut the cost of their vehicles by eliminating turn signals; no one uses them anymore anyway.


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