Nadir-How Low Can You Go


Standing there, soaking wet,

suddenly I saw Pegasus

streak across that orange and red sky,

bound for the heavens

before he would return again

to his perch hidden

in the jagged skyline of Dallas.

Trails of green blinked on and off

as the sky faded to morning blue

and the red blaze washed pale orange

and then gray where city meets sky.

Having made his morning flight,

I watched him soar back into place,

nostrils flaring,

frosty crystals of heated breath

falling gently on highway beasts.

His face reflected everywhere

in the looking glass buildings;

a thin line of white the only trace

of his early morning survey

of the waking city.

Colorless buildings come alive,

Their yellow eyes opening slowly

one by one

as the serpents’ eyes crawl

closer to the ground

and the Dragon drifts dreamily

off to sleep.

Metallic beasties sneak into the city

seeking temporary respite

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