Going “home”

The time has come. Tomorrow evening, after almost a month and a half, I’ll be flying back to Italy with my daughter after visiting with my family here in the States. Many things have happened in Italy and many has Italy done to my life during these days. Last but not least my unemployment ordeal continues (while I use up my loved one’s savings to my immense sadness), yesterday by pure accident, logged on to the Inps website to check the status of my application, I found out that for whatever reason they deemed necessary, they’ve suspended my application while they take more time (almost 2, just to find out that they suspended for the moment) to investigate my claims.
Sure, it makes sense that someone who is unemployed “unfortunately” makes fake claims, it happens all the time right? Yes, you may say! I agree with you it happens, after all Bossi and his sons can surely teach us a bit about illegal movements, right? What about our great and very old Berlusconi? Well yeah sure, why don’t you bring him in the conversation, you’re just speaking out of envy, right? Yes, envy of a man that due to his immense patrimony, can get away with murder, while a poor bum who has been filing regularly every year when his contract expires gets the Rex tape. After all, I ask myself, can’t they see my entire life by just typing in my social security (or codice fiscale as it is called in Italy)?
When they want to, they can find out the strangest things about people, even at what time you take a ****, so why not now?
Simple. They need to delay payments as much as possible, they earn interest plus bonus points from our Mr. 25 assignments Head of everything in paying sight, thus they could care less if children have to pay the price of poverty, it isn’t their problem but yours. After all they have to check right? What if thy make a mistake with a bum? He might get some spare change that needs to go to someone else!
It is just outrageous that the people who need to be checked upon don’t (and how many declare no salaries and have yachts in Sardinia), while a bum gets all the red tape possible! For what? So that he can get a few hundred euros a month so to go ahead and spend $10 a gallon for gas and give it right back to the government by paying 6,90$ in taxes on the fuel he needs so that he can go and find a job. Oh wait, that would be something they care about because?
Yeah, ok! Point made. They are Not interested!
So the rich get richer, pay less in taxes and the poor (like teachers and not only the teachers) get poorer. Wait I heard this song before? Where? Oh, wait every where.
So what’s the point of all this? That in only 40 days, gas prices have spiked from 1,60 to 2,013 euro; that my unemployment has yet to come after “only” two months of filing it; what else can I say? Italians are definitely not living the “dolce vita” when only about 1% of the population holds more than the majority of the richness of the country.
Bossi’s son, “the Trout” they call him, dolphin was already taken by Berlusconi and his Alfano, failed his final high school exams three times; he bought a degree in God knows what, from an Albanian university, without ever stepping foot in that country, or speaking the language (no, it wasn’t an online course, he wished he was that smart) and earned for year’s 15000 euro a month only because. On the other hand a nobody, meaning with no political connection, with the highest grades in their class, earns if lucky (being smart here means absolutely nothing) about 600/800 euro a month.
So what kind of Italy are we talking about here? Merit? Did I hear someone mention, enunciate that word?
Where? When? What?
Oh the cigarettes “le Merit”! Yes!
Just disappointed in a country that does all, but make sure that things work well. We wouldn’t want every citizen to be productive and contribute to the growth and the success of the nation. They could end up stealing money from the people. Oh wait, no, that’s us!
If we could only learn to cherish our people, but we don’t, we demoralize them, make them stay poor and be poor, we cut education because we sure don’t want them smart and educated, they might kick our bottoms out of office!
Oh yeah, I forgot, (smiling) this is Italy, where all of your dreams Do Not Come True! But your nightmares sure do!
Happy living people. The next time I write, I’ll be back “under the Italian sun” excuse my intentional,play on words.


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