Monte Vergine Part III (of (IV)



Both men embraced each other, exchanging kisses on both sides of the cheek.  They remembered the night of the Vigilia when Isabella’s father had given up his seat for Giovanni’s father.  They were as old friends now and Isabella’s mother insisted they join them for the meal and the special dessert of zeppole.


 At first, Giovanni was embarrassed by the offer, and even more so, by his father’s eager desire to accept.  They did not have spare coin to pay for such a treat and it did not seem like any sin was being committed in the accepting of such a gracious offer.  And then, there was always the zeppole.


 And so they dined together, and together with other families who had come to the mountain for whatever reason on this day.  They laughed too hard, the men nearly coming to tears, after several glasses of…

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