Palazzi del Potere

One might ask what is the meaning of the image I chose for the header, or one might not even have noticed it.  Well the answer is quite simple.  First of all the image came with the theme of the blog and amazingly it was just the right picture at the right time to start with.  It represents the palace, “il palazzo del potere”, the palace of power.  Expression used frequently in Italy to identify the Parliament, the Senate and the House, “il Senato” and “la Camera”. The people, especially today, associate those palaces with all that is wrong with the italian political system and maybe not only with the Italian one.  Our politicians enjoy benefits that the majority of other politicians all around the world can just dream of and yet they are even more fortunate than their European or global colleagues because no matter how corrupt one might be (and not get caught, obviously), no matter how many times the judicial system might accuse them of anything, no matter how many times they might have stolen from the people, their own political party (yes that also happens in Italy, see the Lusi case) you can still keep your seat in Parliament. After only 5 years, a legislature, you’re awarded/guaranteed a lifetime salary or pension.   The rest of the commoners or should I say “the people”, on the other hand, have to work for 35, 40, 45 years with the hopes of getting anything at all. You have to live that long, what if you don’t? Well? Sucks to be you then! There something wrong with all of this and yes we could change it, we could make it right, but will we? That is a whole other story yet to be written by the Italian people. Personally, I would have thought that people could have and wanted to, but as of now, none of that has happened and most probably won’t.  But they sure complain about it! 

Nowadays people refer to the politicians in Italy as “The Caste”, “la Casta”, and do we wonder why? No!



This image, borrowed from IRACCONTIDELCUSCINO, is a great example of what our political Caste looks like. A bunch of old men who will not give up their seat to anyone, at least not until there is money to be made.


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