Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

If you’re going to follow me and my posts, you have to know that I am a great, big fan of Mr. Coelho. Wonderful writer, if you haven’t yet read any of his books, I really do advice you to get yourself one and see how fast you’ll read it! Then, come back and tell me about it! In the mean time here’s one of his quotes!


4 responses to “Paulo Coelho

  1. My favorite book of Coelho is “L’Alchimista”. Many of us have the yearning to travel, see new places, meet new people or just the need to run away from our familiar lives . We undertake a journey which sometimes lasts a lifetime, just to understand that what we were looking for was right under our nose. This book is fantastic because it gives us a moral : wherever we may go we will always find ourselves there so if we were unhappy before leaving so will we be after. The restlessness we feel pushes us to run away but in the end we realize that what we needed to be happy was right within ourselves. SO TRUE! Grande libro Coelho!

    • So true Maria. I downloaded his latest book on my ibooks, “Aleph”, just wonderful. If you haven’t yet got your hands on it, I recommend it! Let me know what you think about it! Also thanks for commenting, you are the FIRST! Yeah!

  2. I’ve read them all, however I couldn’t get into “Aleph”, just liked his other books much better. Maybe I’ll read it again and see what comes of it!

  3. Interesting … I also find Paulo Coelho very inspiring in many levels and I did devoured “The Alchemist” both times I read it. I have had trouble reading some of his other books in a certain time in my life but I knew it was just not the moment for it. I believe there is the right time to read certain kind of books. Sometimes I buy one and it takes me couple of years to read. The Alchemist just seems to be something that everyone resonates with at any time. I have given it as a present several times and it has always been a true gift to my dear friends. You probably will get back to that book in some point, Maria. As I am looking for a Coelho’s book next, I may check “Aleph” out soon. Thanks!

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